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Body and Soul

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A colourful collage of twenty Triratna Buddhist Order members, living very diverse lives across the globe. They were chosen for inclusion in the film by selecting every 92nd member according to a numbered list of nearly 2000 ordinations since the Order’s founding in 1968. In fact, there was no way of knowing beforehand who or where they might be. Common themes weave their way through these spiritual journeys: sickness, old age and death, as well as the importance of creative pursuits and an appreciation of being in nature. In a charming interlude each person hands over a small gift to Suryaprabha, who we then see giving it to the next Order member he visits, often in another country. This touching sequence vividly illustrates the connectedness of the Order and the importance of friendships within the worldwide community. It also demonstrates the fundamental importance of generosity and gratitude within Buddhism.

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