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  1 An Opening of the Heart

      (1993)         47 mins. 


2,500 years after the Buddha founded the his Order in India, Sangharakshita, an English Buddhist monk, who had been living in India for 20 years, was invited to return home. Britain in 1964 was open to change and a new vision. The story of founding of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order is told through personal recollections and archive footage.

A wonderful piece of work and an incredible record of the early days. I found it totally absorbing, engaging and very moving.  



Hindi versions


  Lights in the Sky, 72 Holloway Road, London, N7 8JG, UK +44 (0)20 7607 9480 +44 (0)7951 387 286     eMail Lights


2 Kindling the Flame

     (1995)       40 mins.

CC English, German

3 Time of Fire

     (1996)       53 mins.

CC English, German, Spanish

4 A Circle of Friends

     (1997)       65 mins.

CC English, German

5 The Life in the Order

     (2018)       45 mins.

CC: English, German, Finnish and Spanish subtitles.

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AN EARLY HISTORY OF THE FWBO (Triratna Buddhist Community)

Four (+1) much loved films

Already it's obvious that there's a lot of Dharmic work that Bhante has done that has not been transmitted to the current generation. There's material in the seminars, important teachings which people are not aware of, and so I think things do need to get recorded, they do need to get written down. And so sooner or later we must do this, so that future generations do have the benefits of our struggles and our successes and our failures. Which is why your little film is quite useful. (Laughs)

Nagabodhi (c.1989)