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2 Once Free

    (2007)    63 mins.

    in a new country

3 Recurring Dream

    (2008)    64 mins.

    in an old country

4 The·Rain·Bow

    (2009)    93 mins.

    across the world

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1 Background

    (2007)     42 mins.

The Himalayan peak Khangchendzonga formed the backdrop for the twentieth century movement of Buddhism into Western and even Indian life. Ratnaketu takes us a pilgrimage to the hermitages and monasteries of Kalimpong, Darjeeling and Sikkim where, in the 1950s, Sangharakshita, Triratna's founder, came into contact with his eight Tibetan, Indian and Chinese teachers, all of whom feature, which leads us to the Buddha himself 2500 years ago.

Earth Rising preview

Background preview

The film is I think of real value to everyone in the Order or preparing to join the Order. It was good to have images to go with of Sangharakshita’s biographical writing.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the image of Padmasambhava that had struck him so forcefully.       


It was lovely to see all the places that I've read about where Sangharakshita lived.      


Conversations between members of the Triratna spiritual community spread across five continents